Anna Wahl

Professor (Chair) Gender, Organisation and Management

Anna Wahl Professor (Chair) Gender, Organisation and Management and Vice president for Gender Equality and Values at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. Current research interests are the gendering of management in different contexts, work for change and the impact of gender equality in organisations. She has been involved in several development and research projects in Swedish film industry to promote increased gender awareness and initiatives for change. Recent publications include “The gender equality index and reflective role-plays: Introducing gender in management education”. In Flynn et al. (eds.) Integrating gender equality into business and management education: Lessons learned and challenges remaining (2015), Male managers challenging and reinforcing the male norm in management. NORA, Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research (2014), Women as power resources: Putting theory into practice. In Bilimoria et al (eds.) Women in STEM Careers. International perspectives on increasing workforce participation, advancement and leadership (2014).

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